Kosha Dillz delivers a couple of tracks that really shows his true self on wax.

On the first track titled “Real Me” he goes for an unapologetic approach and details his past on wax. Bolstered by the groovy and somewhat nostalgia-inducing backdrop, Dillz opens up about his past in the most honest way as possible and shares some intimate details that he often avoided. Lines like “Holding a gat to people, now I’m emailing CEO’s drinking cappuccinos” speaks on the former life he once lived in contrast to his new sober life.

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The second cut titled “They Know What My Name Is” is a reflection of reality where not being so famous is not actually a bad thing. Over the bright, groovy backdrop by his longtime collaborator Sam Barsh, Dillz delivers a hearty and passionate performance as he comes to terms with the fact that he is very much happy with his life.

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