If you love hip-hop, you would definitely love the late great Notorious B.I.G who gave us the most essential rules to surviving the street game on the classic song “Ten Crack Commandments”. On another note, the ever working emcee Kosha Dillz takes a note from Biggie Smalls to come up with his own “Ten Bagel Commandments.” I would like to assume y’all love bagels too because I do so this here is a no brainer as Dillz breaks down the rules of the bagel game so you better listen up to stay hip. He gives his own unique insights into the types of bagels he loves, the origins and spots where to get the best bagels.

The visuals are a celebration of NY bagels and the natives who live and breed the city’s undeniable aura. It also shows some of the best bagel mom & pop places in New York City and street artists who make the city colorful. We get to see the amazing Spider Cuz, a Crip walking Times Square Spider-Man who frequents videos with New York Nico, and Crackhead Barney, a Jamaica Queens performance artist who recently went viral for her comical interview of the infamous Qanon Shaman in DC before he stormed the Capitol building.  There is quite a lot to unpack in the entertaining video and sure serves as a feel-good outlet away from the unpleasant news we seem to get daily.

Special shoutouts go to bagel stores like  The Bagel Store, Greenbergs BagelsBlackseed Bagels  Ediths BK (who made the fabolous bagel jewelry), and Baz Bagels

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