Sunset$, a track from the duo Kid$ Next Door, is in the realms of what is called “cloud rap” (I just learned that) and RnB, with a chilled out, surreal vibe – but far from being expressionless it’s a collage of ideas, thoughts and feelings. The suspects are Esther (singer/emcee) and Frander (producer/emcee), and I hear they got a project coming soon.

First impressions really matter and I must say, these two got something going on with this track. What do y’all think?
Kid$ Next Door is an alternative rap group consisting of two people Frander (producer & rapper) from Maryland and Esther (rapper & singer) from South FL. We are named Kid$ Next Door because even though we are far away. We make music like we live next door. This song is a single off our project SUNSETS dropping October 15th.




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