Kano Le Ron who also goes by the moniker KBF3 has his birth name as Kevin Young and hails straight out of Orange County, California. He is a producer/writer/composer and that should not be surprising given that he attended MI (Music Institute of Hollywood, California) where he studied voice recording, engineer, and business management. Now that he runs his own entertainment company by the name Far From Famous Ink, its time to put all the acquired skills and talent to bear fruits and it begins with this video. The video is simple but not lacklustre which is a great feat and the black and white pictures helps you appreciate the music more rather than just focusing on images. Kano Le Ron plays the average rapper card of alluding to something whilst their demeanour depicts different hence Kano brings the braggadocio side by side with the consciousness and still manages to declare his humility. Just hit the triangle and understand the man.

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