Sometimes you come across a track so good it becomes all you listen to for days; the only song on your playlist, the only song on your iPod. ‘chinst[rap]’ from J’Von and Ackryte is one such tune. It’s such a funky flip from Ackryte, a virtuoso in samples and chops, while J’Von brings his playful, intense vocals to the table (seriously, he has a touch of DOOM about him. He’s an awesome MC). The duo come flying like a two-footed drop kick, and to make things even better this a track that was actually cut from an upcoming release on, I think, Cascade Records.

grew out my chinstrap, so now i’m tough [ntrlly]. fight me.
j’von & ackryte 3rd project coming soon soon. tell cascade records fam u want that LP gz
[this track didn’t fit, so we droppd it]

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