’40 Acres N Sum Mula’ is the full-length project by Berlin-based rapper JuJu Rogers who dives into his background with a wide variety of themes and subjects ranging from race, spirituality, and self-love. Born to an American GI out of New Orleans, and a German mother with Austrian roots, Rogers doesn’t shy away from his multi-faceted identity on the 10 track body of work and brings to the forefront the different cultures he has been exposed to. The title which refers to the Special Field Orders No. 15 approved in 1865 by president Abraham Lincoln is given a little twist by Rogers who changed the ‘Mule’ to ‘sum mulla’. The concept was to bridge the historical context of equal rights and reparations and the current capitalistic era we live in.

From the onset, Rogers set the tone with smooth cinematic textures and his characteristic melodic raps which blend hiphop, soul, reggae with new-age contemporary sounds.


1. Intro

2. 89

3. Real Shit

4. Black Thurzday

5. Follow Me

6. Mula

7. 10 Yas

8. Identity

9. God

10. Babylon

Upcoming Shows: Release Party – PRIVATCLUB, Berlin on Friday, 4th October Get more info HERE.

DJ sets: Habibi Funk & Suff Daddy


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