JP Reynolds comes with another gem titled “Too Strange”. Ignore the title as the song deals with overcoming one’s present circumstances and rise above. He teams up with producer Luke White who crafts a dark, brooding soundscape that sounds so ethereal and dreamy for the topic at hand. It’s the fifth song in a series that JP Reynolds intends to continue throughout the year, releasing at least one song per month.



Imagine a world full of compassion and freedom and connection. It doesn’t quite exist yet. But that world definitely won’t come to fruition if there isn’t even an effort to envision it. Vibrations and rhythms can transport us there. JP REYNOLDS shares some insight: “I’m here to help us see new things and build new worlds. While being grounded by what’s actually happening around us, it’s also important to retreat when necessary. The world has been on fire, and this song is for when we need a break from the heat.”


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