Singer/songwriter Joy Nesbitt delivers her debut project Atlas Rising. a 13-track body of work that explores the life and times of black women and women of color. It serves as a form of an open letter to the women going through a myriad of situations who still find the strength to stand regardless. Nesbitt takes time to reflect on everything happening around her from the socio-political unrest to the global pandemic, lockdown, and more.

The project is ripe with insightful elements and a plethora of smooth productions that serve as the backdrop for Nesbitt’s sublime vocals. From the off-kilter “Black” that exudes everything melanin to the lovelorn “Waiting Game” and the unapologetic theme of “Practice,” but she is not quite done yet. She teams up with fellow singer  LEMMONS on “Body,” a soulful cut that explores self-image and body positivity. Both singers give their own account and their approach to overcome the societal beauty standards forced on women of color. Nesbitt switches it up with the bright uplifting sounds on “A Message to my Future Lover” where she pens a letter to her future significant other. Here, she delivers a commanding performance that pairs silky melodic runs over a lush backdrop as she breaks down how self-love can make loving others easy.

Nesbitt traverses quite a vast range of topics and her ear for well-crafted production for her songs makes it even more cohesive and edgy as well. There is something here for everybody regardless of your gender.

Joy Nesbitt, originally from Dallas, Texas, is a current student at Harvard college with a fascination with neo-soul and funk. A student of jazz goddess, Esperanza Spalding, Joy makes music that takes a snapshot of what it’s like to be young, black, and a woman in America today.


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