Eclectic producer Jono Das drops his third single “Tiger Balm” as he prepares to drop his long-awaited full-length collection of beats, Muhammad, My Man. As the title suggests, “Tiger Balm” has a soothing and relaxing vibe, the layered sound design, sparse but punchy drum grooves are steady and well connected and overall it gives a sense of warmth from start to finish.


Eclectic New Zealand, multi-disciplinary artist  Jono Das operates across a number of other creative outlets including music production, DJing, illustration, painting, photography and film-making. As you may have guessed from his classic beanie and hoodie combo, Jono Das makes instrumental hip hop beats. “Like Buena Vista Social Club meets Mike Tyson,” as he describes it is “chilled, smooth, and nostalgic, but it may also bite off your ear at any moment!”

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