Like the proverbial saying, the 3rd time’s a charm, similar to this Montreal based emcee’s latest output. Jonathan Emile already gifted us with the Kendrick Lamar assisted “Heaven Help Dem” and the examining summery jam “The City That Always Sleeps“. Noteworthy songs that kept me wondering what the man would come up with next and his latest leak aptly titled “Reception” is a semi conceptual track that sees Mr Emile doing what he knows best- touching touchy subjects and spewing what most might be thinking.

It is certain Jonathan Emile has a knack for topical songs, he doesn’t rhyme for the sake of riddling (if I may) and trust you always leave with something to think about overtime. Hit the play button and get with the program.

“These brothers gassed up, Texaco, Shell, Esso / Homie, I am a vessel, reflection of the divine…”

Eerie, haunting keys set the tone from the outset of this Miyekow-produced gem that’s a little darker than we’re used to hearing. Jonathan‘s passionate, bold delivery shines through as he speaks on a multitude of topics – music industry politics, dealing with cancer, and the Montreal rap scene, while Emile even includes some candid bars about the collaboration with Kendrick Lamar.

“There must be something wrong with the phone / Hello? / I don’t really hear ya…”


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