Emerging rapper Da Gh0ul is someone to check out as he slowly builds his reputation with his slew of releases. Having written his first song at the age of 8 and made his first beat at 13, the Oklahoma-based rapper hasn’t looked back and has since opened up for established rappers such as OJ Da Juiceman, Kodak Black, and DaBaby amongst others.

The first song we got is titled “VOS” and it’s made up of a sombre piano riff and solemn synth riff with punchy trap drum grooves and sees him employing melodic lines in his rap performance. The track is a bravado-laden tune that showcases his style and sets the tone for who he is. He is also joined by fellow artist Phoenyxx Flame who adds her own unique vocals to the track.

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The second cut “2 Min Feast”  is a punchy and somewhat sparse track that displays the rapper’s aggressive flow which ebb and flow as the song progress.

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The song “On” showcases a different side to Da Gh0ul’s artistry. He employs a sombre and reflective soundscape but still maintains his aggressive flow and adds insightful and relatable songwriting into the mix. The chorus is quite engaging and the singer sure delivers a commanding performance. 

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The song “Vault” has an anthemic feel with its orchestral texture and thick 808 drums to boot and serves as a brilliant closer today. Da GhOul doesn’t hold back and proceeds to wreak havoc on the mic with his fiery flows and vivid lyricism.

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All tracks are from Da GhOul’s 1st album titled Listen Here, which was released on Oct 22nd of this year. 

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