Probably more than a couple of years ago, I stumbled on J.Nolan’s music post on this other popular music blog and I must add, dude has come a long way. A couple of mixtapes, various features and freestyles now this. A full length project aptly titled Distinction, still sharp as ever with the flows and rap, J.Nolan brings in more than a handful of producers to provide varied backdrops for his verbal paintings. While some may say too many cooks spoil the broth but in this case, it only stretches the flavour within, boom bap, funk, jazz, rock layered with dynamic drums and percussions to match makes this worthwhile.

J. Nolan has finally come full circle with this project. ‘Distinction’ is definitely highly recommended.

“It’s been a 2 year process to get everything completed for it and summed up into 16 records. My whole objective was to create something that not only showcased my abilities as an emcee, but as a complete artist that intends to make a worthwhile contribution to music for years to come”

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