Jibba the Gent and his compadres just dropped this hard hitting rap song for us to feast on. The Vermont hip hop recording artist, blends story telling lyricism with country and classic rock vibes.

Jibba the Gent hits a new mark with this controversial, abrasive track that goes the extra mile in terms of production and sound thanks to the maestro in the booth, SkySplitterInk. ‘Self Destruct’ even features cuts from DJ Kanganade and a killer assist from Mickey Factz. The boom bap massacre that the song is, takes the cake when it comes to aggressive bars and hard hitting vibes.

Music has been a part of Jibba the Gent’s life for as long as he’s been breathing. Growing up he idolized the funk of Andre 3000 and always appreciated the Grammy-winner’s point of view both musically and lyrically. He started messing around with music some time ago but was thrown a curveball when he was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2011.

While some have mild forms, Jibba the Gent was not so lucky. As the severe pain took over his body, he was left unable to do much of anything, including music. Once the doctors got him back on track and on his way to recovery, he promised himself that his dreams would be his top priority and he got to work releasing his debut in May 2017, and a cascade of singles as well.

Go stream this song on Soundcloud, Deezer and iTunes but also know that the rapper would like to hear from his true partners so hit him direct on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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