DMV rapper Nyke Ness links up with Rain3 for the heartwarming piece titled “1965,” a laidback reflective track that details the various social injustices affecting the world. The title refers to the year when the civil rights voting act was passed in the United States and helps put things in perspective in this current pandemic. The nostalgic vibes here sure serves as the perfect backdrop for the insightful lyrics and intentional delivery that makes for a solid listen from start to finish.


Nyke Ness is a rapper from the DMV area who is looking to make a big push not only this summer, but this whole year. Apart of the Dopamean Music Brand, Ness has opened up for the likes of Da Baby , Poppa Da Don, Travy Nostra, etc and has taken 2019 to headline his own shows. The songs submitted come from his new EP named “1965” which is the year America passed the Voting Rights act of 1965, which abolished racial bias during the voting process. During these trying times of Covid-19 and the death of George Floyd (among other names) rappers are doing their part to say their piece. Nyke Ness might be the next on a long list of DMV greats. 


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