Nigerian-born, Nottingham-raised singer/songwriter JERUB is on a tier with sold-out UK tours and this year’s Comic Relief on BBC 1 with a very special rendition of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come”.  His newest EP Carry The Load is a 7 track project which is a follow-up to his first EP Finding My Feet and sees the young singer reflecting on his past experiences and his journey thus far.


The EP opens up with “Father’s Intro (voice note)”, a heartfelt voice note shared by JERUB’s father reminding him to always take the time to smell the roses and appreciate the little things around him and most importantly not get bogged down by the weight of his success. This is followed by the title track “Carry The Load ” with rich organ chords, pulsating basslines and moody textures underpinned by JERUB’s commanding vocal runs and outpour of emotions that details his pain and ultimately his inner strength as he proceeds to lift this weight by reaching out to those who have been there from day one. Overall, the track is a masterclass in vulnerability and acknowledging the importance of support. Next up is the uplifting “Gonna Be Okay” which is co-written and co-produced with Troy Miller (Rag ‘n’ Bone Man). The track is a cinematic piece that blends rich pop aesthetics with contemporary aesthetics and the timeless message of comfort and solace in an unforgiving world. “Hometown ” sees JERUB reflecting on his upbringing and experiences as a Nigerian and UK upbringing. Over the pounding drums, electrifying guitar arrangement and soaring melodies, JERUB shows us how some memories can never go away and there will always be a longing for nostalgia at some point of the other.


JERUB shows us another glimpse into his past on “You and I” from the perspective of love. He talks about his past mistakes and how they haunt him in the present as he misses the chance he couldn’t take due to fear. He is honest about his emotions and how conflicted he was at some time but with maturity, he can see now. The project closes out with the soulful “Feel Alive”  and the bonus track “Soon”. The former talks about the concept of truly feeling alive instead of overanalyzing situations to avoid disappointment while the latter dives into balancing his love for music and that special someone in his life. He admits there will be a lot of sacrifices and while he wishes to be always there for them, his music says otherwise and he has to make do with every second he gets to keep things right.


In the end, Carry The Load, is an engaging and heartfelt project that showcases JERUB’s versatility and penchant for penning heartwarming and relatable stories. Production-wise, the EP is brilliant but the icing on the cake is JERUB’s powerful and distinctly expressive vocal runs.



Stream Carry The Load on all DSPs here.


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