Los Angeles-based duo Jeremiah Jae and Cohenbeats come together to produce Pennis, an EP for the masses. The two connected after moving to LA at almost the same time – Jae from Chicago, Cohen from Israel – and clearly connected musically, working together to create drafts, ideas and concepts. The result is Pennis, although unlike its name finds itself rich in sound. It’s nice to here Jae take to the mic and dominate again, and Cohen’s canvas fits perfectly for those desirable psychedelic vibes.

Pennies is a collaboration by producer Cohenbeats & Rapper Jeremiah Jae. 

The two connected in Los Angeles, after moving into the city around the same time, Cohen from Tel Aviv and Jae from Chicago. They quickly began recording a series of short, sometimes improvised ideas and concepts. These eventually became this EP. 

The title “Pennies” was found on the pavement near a dispensary in Highland Park.

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