The duo of singer Jenny Kwon and producer G Zoom team up for their new collaborative single titled “Explain Myself”. The bright, vibrant record is a smooth blend of many genres ranging from Hip Hop, Pop, jazz and RnB. Let’s start with the groovy soundscape crafted by G Zoom which is quite rich and layered with many engaging elements from groovy hiphop drums, smooth guitars, and soulful keys. Vocally Jenny Kwon definitely sounds at home over the alluring soundscape as she delivers a very expressive and enthralling vocal performance from start to finish.


Jenny’s bio:

Pursuing music was an easy and obvious choice for South Korean singer-songwriter, Jenny Kwon. Growing up in a household heavily influenced by all kinds of music-with her father being a professional opera singer, and her mother tuning pianos as a side job-opened up Kwon’s eyes to a world she would grow up to love chasing after. This young LA-based vocalist currently attends the Musicians Institute in Hollywood as a vocal performance major. Constantly writing songs for herself and other artists, Jenny is enthusiastic about collaborating with other artists and learning more about music everyday. She is heavily influenced by R&B and Pop artists like Emily King, Ariana Grande, and Mac Ayres.

G Zoom’s bio:

Born in Winchester, but based out of Los Angeles, Grayson Szumilas became Chillwave DJ and producer, G Zoom. Growing up in Maine, and with the passing of his mother, Szumilas needed an escape from all of the negativity happening in his life and the world around him. Once moved into Los Angeles, he went out to discover more influential sounds and applied them to his latest work. Ethereal soundscapes, driven bass, and the combination of ambient and hip hop can all be found in his hits such as “Celly Juke” and “Space Kool-Aid.” G Zoom went on to create music that doesn’t abide to the “standard” rules of electronic music—but rather breaks them in order to become its own unique and sensual experience that transports you into another realm.



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