Vancouver’s “Jeff Spec aka El Hefe” collided with another force of nature to be reckon with, “REL!G!ON”… This is like liquid nitrogen pumpin’ through your headphones and spewing 10 heat rocks from the speakers for everyone’s enjoyment.. Please, come take a seat and relax to the rhythm’s of the “Freeze” sprayed out by Wander Worx Entertainment..ghea!!

In 2011, included rapper/producer Jeff Spec on their list of the top 25 underground artists for that year. This was following the release of his last full length album, the acclaimed “Specnology”, which had him performing across Canada on the “Via Rail: Train of Thought Tour”.
Jeff Spec is back with “Freeze”, a ten track offering from indie label Wandering Worx Music. He teams up with music producer REL!G!ON for their first collaboration and together they create a raw, head nodding experience. The album has a soulful sound but there’s an edge to it. Spec brings it back to rhyming while REL!G!ON brings it back to his old Ensoniq EPS 16 sampler and analog synths.

-VIA Bandcamp

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