Mello Music Group’s catches your iris with this optical arrangement starring “7evenThirty” the track is off of the newly released “Heavens Computer” which is out now and continue to read for the link..enjoy!

Heaven’s Computer has landed. 7evenThirty’s concept opus has been having a steady effect on Earth’s atmosphere and its inhabitants are naturally being drawn to the other-worldly MC. At times and among some earthlings however, the presence of 7even draws misguided admiration or envious criticism. The electronic bounce of “GetUp!!!” aims to kill that noise.
With undulating synth lines and pounding drums courtesy of Erik L the track is already a banger even before we get a glimpse at the beautifully shot visual by director Erick Lee. Sliding into the Libertine Bar in Dallas and taking a seat next to The Grand Imperial Gensu Dean, 7even fires on all cylinders in this performance based video. The first two verses are dedicated to rumors and conjectures about who 7even is and who he’s not via fictitious haters and admirers. Before the tracks end 7even sets the record straight borrowing Jay Dilla’s flow from a Slum Village classic, schooling the ignorant and paying homage simultaneously. Whether artsy or hood, 7evenThirty has the skills and substance to render any MC stereotype dead.
For a true glimpse into the mind of 7evenThirty, check out the LP Heaven’s Computer — available now on Mello Music Group.

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