The description on FloFilz’s Soundcloud page reads “jazz sample based oldschool shit from germany.” Simple, straightforward, short and sweet – these are the words of a no-nonsense type of guy. Perhaps this is to be expected (German efficiency and all that). The idea of simplicity does not end with FloFilz’s Soundcloud description. In fact, it spreads onto the sounds of his collaboration with Norway’s Ivan Ave, “Shinethru,” in a truly impressive manner.

Starting off with a looped jazz-guitar figure that can only be described as “beautiful,” this song is built upon a minimalistic drum track. There is very little going on in this song; there are basically three sound elements in this song: the guitar, the drums, and the rapper. Why is this important? Because I don’t want any more than those three things. I’m not bored or underwhelmed. I am, actually, captivated and almost enamored by the general simplicity of this tune, by its clarity. The comfortable and laid-back flow of Ivan Ave blends in perfectly with beat, delivering a story of young love.

Take a listen to this one – a deep listen. Be sure to check out Flofilz’s new album, “Speakthru,” on Jakarta Records. And remember: sometimes, less is more. Except for ice cream.

Much Love.

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