Elixir [IV] is comprised of Chad Lefkowitz-Brown (tenor), Noah Kellman (keyboards), Chris Talio (bass), and Jimmy Macbride (drums). I’ve been familiar with Chad and Jimmy for a couple of years now – they represent part of what I think of when talking about the young generation of jazz musicians in New York. They seem to have been popping up all over the place, and that is what ultimately led me to this video. Everyone they play with seems to be the real deal, and this band is no exception. Both Talio and Kellman prove to be yet another addition to my list of young cats that are doing new and exciting things in this city.

A refreshing presentation of jazz with a somewhat pop vibe, this tune draws the listener in at the very start with it’s pulsing beat. A light backbeat gives the tune a groovy feel, and Lefkowitz-Brown’s tenor tone provides a truly unique melodic voice. There’s just something about the way he plays that makes the sound unmistakably his own. “East Hill” is highlighted by an excellent tenor solo, full of motivic development. Probably my favorite aspect of the tune is Macbride’s drumming. This man is always in the pocket. Always. Just listen. Groove with him.

Take a minutes to check out the video below. Learn more about bandleader Chris Talio on his website.

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