Ja’Vell is a Chicago born artist who is currently located in the Carolina’s. His recent output caught our ears as he brings to the fore a display of insightful lyrics and thought-provoking subjects that many may steer clear of.  His new releases include  the video for “Unfortunate Times” and  “Amaria”

“Unfortunate Times” just as the title suggests deals with the current state of affairs and how black people just seem to struggle against the tide. Over an ominous and somewhat haunting backdrop, Ja’Vell shares his candid thoughts on the issue and brings the listener closer to the action with lines like “…The multitude of factors combined, when laughters are misunderstood../still we hang, man, the portrait’s a disaster then you asking me the factors?…”

Ja’Vell doesn’t hold back and harks back to slavery, Jim Crow, and how the modern-day prison system indirectly affects lives. This is quite harrowing and gripping from start to finish.

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The second cut is a tragic tale of the 13-year-old Amaria Jones’s Tragic Death in Chicago. Backed by a solemn texture, Ja’Vell presents the facts as it is and paints the picture of how we as black people need to look within and clean house. The rapper again approaches the topic with such passion and sincerity that it’s tough to look the other way and implores us to take a step back and revalue our selves as people.

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