After dropping his debut LP ten years ago, Jansport J drops a sequel to it. This album, Save My Soul II, was released yesterday, as a celebration of his birthday. With him getting rid of his dreads and getting a new Stevie Wonder tattoo, the man behind the soul is coming into his own with a fresh, clean image – all the while finishing another lap around the sun.

Let’s go back to his first single. This was his first debut as a solo artist since departing from his former partner Hawdwerk, as part of the Cov Originals.

Jansport J’s journey as an artist is a testament that’s one of a kind. With musical influences like J Dilla, Timbaland, Pete Rock and so on, you could see off top why he’s considered as one of the giants coming from an area that’s not exactly recognized in the same vein as Los Angeles.

With his music being heard on projects like Benny The Butcher, Stalley, Thurz, Snoop Dogg, Dom Kennedy, and so many others, the time for Jansport J’s name to be recognized in the same vein as his predecessors and the likes of Hit-Boy will be coming soon enough.

That time will come for J, and the road that he’s been on will be more than just a testament; it will prove that everything that he’s put forth will be more than just another journey around the sun.

Press play.


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