Grammis nominated (the Swedish Grammy awards)  Swedish singer/songwriter Janice found writing therapeutic growing up in a household filled with 90s singers such as Erykah Badu, D’Angelo etc, but she later ventured into dancing. After a while, she joined a choir in Stockholm where she developed her craft and released her debut Fallin’ Up in 2018 and a follow-up one-off song “Make Me Feel” that heralded her return. Now, she shares the new single “Don’t Lay It All On Me” which showcases her vocal range and ability put her emotions on wax. Over the sombre piano keys, reflective strings and sublime textures, Janice pours her heart with much gusto as she muses on past mistakes and pleads for recourse as no one is perfect.


“Don’t Lay It All On Me”  is taken from her forthcoming 4 track body of work entitled The Playlist, which is tied with the release of a brand new Netflix series called ‘The Playlist’, which explores the origins of Spotify – and which also marks Janice’s acting debut. She plays one of the leading characters Bobbie T, with three of the original works appearing in the series.

Watch the teaser below.


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