Warwick based mc James Salvato (FKA No Name) links up with MC Bravado on his latest video titled Broken. A heartfelt song dealing with personal internal and external struggles.

Brief Bio 

James Salvato is an emcee from Warwick who went by the the stage ename No-Name for 10 plus years. He’s still heavily affiliated with the group that he ran with for over a decade: the Cypher Junkies (MC Bravado, SC Static, Thrill Clinton A.K.A McNasty, C-Nature, and Marxman). He’s also in a Duo with SC Static known as Dry Cereal, but has recently begun a serious journey towards defining himself as a solo artist. James Salvato has dropped two solo EP’s under his former moniker, No-Name (Front-Stoop Chronicles and My Name is James), two Dry Cereal albums (Slashy Brese and ill!), a Cypher Junkies debut album (Cypher Junkies), and is currently working on his debut solo LP.

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