NJ emcee Jameel Mason’s new song “Black Queens” is an adulation-filled record that dives into the life of all black women out here trying to make it in this cruel world. Over a solemn, sobering backdrop, Mason details the tenacity and steeled willpower of these women who have to struggle hard to get what they deserve. He acknowledges their sacrifices and reminds them that they are and never will be forgotten.

The visual for “Black Queens” is very cinematic and captures black women from various backgrounds and in their true element as well. Showing their struggles and journey in this male-driven world as they attempt to assert their presence in all facets of life. We see working-class women, creatives, athletes, and more doing their thing and pushing on regardless of the hurdles they may face.

Jameel Mason a product of New Brunswick (Pine Hill) New Jersey discovered his love for rhyming at the age of 10. Throughout the years he would channel his frustrations within his rhyme book but all that would change when he recorded a song titled “No Turning Back” which caught the ear of Eminem. He was playing college basketball at the time, Eminem wanted to meet but the date and time coincided with a big collegiate game and Jameel never made it to the meeting.

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