Palestinian-American MC and Producer Jabbar delivers his instrumental single “Perspective” from his stash and it’s nothing but pure freshness. The experimental approach makes it more engaging and different from most instrumentals out there as the dynamics and switch ups are well crafted and very subtle too.

“Perspective” is one of the tracks off his newly released album “Matters of the Mind”. It’s an experimental instrumental album. The album is a reflection of how the mind works, constantly going from one thought to the next, which is reflective of the music.  Most of the songs on the album morph into another entirely different melody if not enhanced with different instrumentation.

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Jabbar is a Palestinian-American MC and Producer. He first started his rapping career in March 2003 in Chicago, Illinois and didn’t pick up music production till May 2004. During 2003-2004, the self-taught producer recorded and featured on more than 50 tracks which were released through the internet. In October 2004 he moved to Dubai, UAE and started working on his debut album “Here 2 Stay” in 2005. The commercial album was completed in 2006 however was never released due to lack of financial backing. Jabbar continued to record and release tracks through the internet and perform in Dubai as well as in Chicago.

In 2007, Jabbar discovered the rapper “Massacre” and produced for him his debut mixtape “Ya Filisteen” which was released in 2008. The success of the mixtape, helped secure Massacre tours throughout Europe and the Middle East. In 2008, Jabbar also co-founded UAE-based hip hop group the Recipe. The Recipe vol. 1 mixtape was co-produced by Jabbar and he featured on it as a rapper as well. In 2014, Jabbar left Dubai for New York City. He currently resides in Brooklyn.





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