Uprising Dagenham-based rapper/producer J1up got into music at an early age via his dad’s home studio and slowly built his craft by teaching himself how to work the boards and record himself. His latest release “Run It Up”, is a reflective tune that digs deep into his not-so-glorious past and how he was able to use music to change his life. Over a sombre and somewhat contemplative backdrop made up of melancholic piano chords, warm pads and a punchy drum groove, J1up takes us back to a time when he was doing the wrong things, which he summed up with lines like “I was young and stupid, looking for a kick/Shank guys couple times, did it for my mates/I got nibbed with a shank put me in my place/Really thought I was getting put behind them gates“. That alone gave him a jolt back to reality and he decided to focus on the one thing he loved the most, music. Now he is making the most out of it with his music as he states his purpose in the chorus, There is nothing funny with no money up so fuck the funny stuff, I’m on the money stuff”.

Run It Up” serves as J1up’s third official release since he started his music career this summer. With more than a handful of freestyles and videos behind him, he is more than ready to showcase his art to the world by bringing something new and refreshing with his story-driven style.



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