J Cru pops up on our radar with their new single titled “Immortal”. Backed by a hard-hitting, ominous backdrop, J Geezy & J Smitty. delivers a fiery performance as he details his past experiences alongside the current. Not the one to falter, the duo aims to reach his goals despite the challenges they may likely face.

The foundation of J Cru rests upon a deep love for Hip Hop. This deep appreciation begets pride in fostering hungry motivation, continually expanding sonic diversity, and unwavering ambition. The pair met freshman year of college free styling in Killifer Park in Orange, California, hit it off, and decided to team up. They are artists who understand the complexity of the music industry, and use both challenges and opportunities to experiment and remain honest to their roots, goals, dreams, and selves. J Cru is J Geezy & J Smitty.

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