Straight out of Essex, England comes the duo of J B and Nice Nath who share two solid tracks from their stash. The interesting bit is that Nice Nath started his journey while making music for a short film he was also producing and that lead to him connecting with his longtime friend JB. When the film was put on hold due to the present pandemic, the duo decided to jump right into the music aspect and the results were pretty awesome.

The first cut “Rosie Lee” is a heartfelt tale of losing one’s sexual spark for a former lover. Bolstered by a moody and relaxing backdrop, Nath and JB draw a vivid picture with playful elements as they come to the realization that love changes and the one thing that lights you up before may not give the same feeling anymore.

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The second cut “Chapter One” sees the duo teaming up with Greysea who adds a soothing melodic chorus to the track. The track has a somber mood with its reflective keys and moody basslines.  The duo shares their experiences on adolescent love and recounts the lessons learned from it.

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Both songs are taken from the duo’s debut EP ‘Greenhouse Romantics‘, made in J B’s Mum’s Office-turned-recording-studio during the national Lockdown.

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