Paris-based NY-raised rapper/songwriter Izzaldin returns to the forefront with the striking visuals for his song “SPIKE“. Inspired by the infamous courtside exchange with Spike Lee at a Knicks, and Pacers game, Izzaldin details the story in a distinct and vivid manner that puts listeners deep into the mix of the action. Bolstered by a cinematic and driving synth-laden soundscape, he sets the tone with lines like “I thought it was too good to be true but was soon to transpire, nigga nobody knew” as he arrived at the game and follows up with vivid imagery of the arena and the encounter with Spike himself. Izzaldin proceeds with “Took my seat next to Spike just to see the star/I thought it started off with friendly banter/and then he really started disrespecting Indiana, talking ‘about ain’t gonna be no pacer shit in here” and breaks down the vitriol spewed by Spike further. Izzaldin relaly captures the intense atmosphere with his distinct story telling and rhyme schemes.

The accomapnying visuals makes use of performance shots of the rapper and him playing ball. Simplre but effective if you asked me.

“SPIKE” is the second single from Izzaldin‘s newly released album Futura in Retrograde.

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