Very Insightful interview by GlitterFab

L*Boogie: An Interview With Prince Paul- mastermind behind Stetsasonic, De La Soul, and much more. This interview was almost 8 months in making! Between delays, cancellations, rescheduling, work, weekends, and so forth- this interview finally took place on a hot day in June in Bryant Park- and of course on the worst day of allergies kicking my ass! Next to a huge lawn-full of people practicing group yoga, Prince Paul and I got to chat about a few things, including Hip Hop, De La Soul and the music industry. I can confidently say that Prince Paul is one of the most humble, chill and down to earth cats I have had the pleasure of interviewing in this Hip Hop culture/industry. Unfortunately, the camera was out of focus for a portion of the filming (don’t worry EXILE, it’s not you faullt!) But we had a good time and I’m so happy I finally go to interview THE Prince Paul! Enjoy!

L*Boogie: YouTube


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