Hella nice beat tape from ‘The Lower Class’ member imaGenius. 30 tracks, samples galore, drums, oh and it’s free. Can’t ask for more, can you?

‘The Lower Class’ are a dope trio from outta Texas – go check our previous posts on them here – and producer/MC puts out this lil solo venture. I’ll let Lower Class take it from here:

The Lower Class producer/MC ImaGenius brings listeners some vintage goodness in the form of Garage Sale. The debut tape features 26 sample driven instrumentals and 4 original creations. It will take your ears on low-fi journey to relaxation, bringing you back to the days of old cassette tapes.  The project is for any rapper who has a love for old school hip hop that wants to put them to use.

[viral-lock]STREAM/DOWNLOAD ‘Garage Sale’ FROM BANDCAMP HERE[/viral-lock]

Keep an eye out for ‘The Lower Class” release, due this July. Should be good.

The Lower Class: Facebook • TwitterSoundcloud

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