Emcee Ilyas Nashid presents his latest material , Away Too Long, after going on a hiatus. Like the title suggests Ilyas Nashid proceeds to share with the world his experiences, both past and present to good measure over a Quintessence James crafted backdrop. The soulful canvas helps reinforce Ilyas entrance into the game on a solo level.  The song in question Away Too Long is taken from his upcoming solo debut titled “Transformation Part One: Ego
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Former Tanya Morgan emcee, Ilyas Nashid, returns to the scene with the first single to his upcoming solo album produced by Quintessence James. “Away Too Long” brings Ilyas back to the mic over production that’s very reminiscent of Tanya Morgan’s early days.

Many wonder…
“Whatever happened to Ilyas of Tanya Morgan?” “Why’d he leave the group?” “What went wrong?”

Around the time of the Tanya Morgan breakup, Ilyas started recording an album venting about the struggles and emotions he was dealing with at the time. That album is Transformation.

Broken into two separate albums, Transformation answers many questions. Produced by Quintessence James, the album harkens back to Tanya Morgan’s original sound from their Moonlighting and Brooklynati days, but just a tad darker and more insightful than the carefree Tanya Morgan music fans all know and love.

Transformation listens as an audio diary of sorts as Ilyas speaks of his breakup with the group, breakup with his girlfriend of 6 years, and struggles dealing with substance abuse, fatherhood, and the world in general. Transformation 1 & 2 document his struggle from depression to joy, inadequacy to fulfillment, and ego to soul.


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