Collaborations seem to be the order of the day on the Nigerian hip hop scene and it is a good payoff as the results from these unions have been quite intense albeit insane. Not long ago, the duo of illBliss and Teck-Zilla came together as IllyZilla to give us a self titled 6 track EP. The guys thought they needed to do more and put out three bonus cuts to add to the quality and quantity of the material, and now we get a two for one special in visuals. We Are Not Mates is the second cut of the ep and Curriculum Vitae is one of the bonus cuts that was added later (the combination of these two records is the make up of the visuals you’re watching right now). Hip hop has definitely found a home in Nigeria and both illBliss and Teck-Zilla are part of the collective pushing the art form and culture forward.

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