What do you expect from a noodle inspired rap project? Well, you are about to find out once you hit the play button on iiND Nature’s latest EP. The San Fran based emcee hit the kitchen and cooked up a seven track EP titled RAMENdon and trust

t me when I say it’s on some other shxt. I mean he kicks it off with “We fly Pink Ranger pterodactyl” over a cloudy, dusty soundscape, and spliced the EP with Noodle ads, vintage Chinese flicks and of course dope lyricism.

I kinda just summed it up right there so all the cats that literally survived hard times with the help of Ramen Noodles(including me) should waste no time and check iiND Nature ‘s RAMENdon EP right away.

RAMENdon is a “noodlEP” from the San Francisco-based emcee, iiND Nature. The Top Ramen-themed project chronicles the welfarian experiences that transformed him into “The RAMENdon,” a supernatural being who tastes sugar in bouillon cubes — or sees the positive in salty situations. iiND’s absurd punchlines and penchant for concept tracks are on full display, as he gasses over wavy production from the likes of, Evil Needle, Aru-2, DNAEBEATS and more. RAMENdon is now available for both stream and download…don’t sleep!

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