iiiConic is from Brisbane and is pioneering the Australian new wave hip hop scene by breaking all of the barriers with his next single ‘Changed Up’.

Co-writing, recording, singing, producing and rapping, iiiConic flexes all of his creative ability, wrapped tightly around layered ad libs and 808 kick drums. Featuring Brisbane’s local Yung Gwopp, the song represents a stepping stone in the artist’s development, focussed on delivering a succinct expression of emotion and personality in his music. In his own words:

“The title of the song basically explains it all. In life, you’ll meet people who are going to eventually switch upon you and you need to be prepared for that. I’ve experienced it many times and every time I remind myself to wake up and keep moving forward”

Highlights of previous releases include additions to Spotify’s New Music Friday, A1 Hip-Hop, Urban Flavour, and Apple’s  Best Of The Week, The A-List: Hip-Hop, New Fire, Rap Life and ‘Breaking Hip-Hop’ playlists, as well as multiple spins on The New Australia on Beats 01 Official.

The song is also available for streaming on Soundcloud then you can reach out to iiiConic on his socials: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram.

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