Hugh is a London,UK based 4 man group made up of vocalists Joshua Idehen & Izzy Brooks and producers Andy Highmore,Tino Kolarides. Together the foursome are a beauty to behold. Their latest single “This Is How It Starts” is visceral, ethereal and very enthralling. Blending modern R&B, 80s pop and chillwave elements, the listener is treated to a brilliant, lush aural delicacy that lingers on even after digesting.

The melding of bass heavy synths, and playful positive melodies is the perfect accompaniment to an ode to first love, creating a soundscape of wild contrasts and a subtle feel of unrest.Masterful genre blenders, Hugh still manage to maintain a fiercely authentic sound, while citing a wide range of influences, from Grizzly Bear and Beach House, to Meshell Ndegeocello and Bipolar Sunshine.

This Is How It Starts” a taste of Hugh‘s debut LP, due for release in May/June 2017.

Upcoming dates:

Feb 25th (Sofia, Bulgaria) – Sofia Can’t Wait

March 10-18 (Austin, Texas) – SXSW

More to be announced soon.

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