Hiphop legend Kurtis Blow, one of hiphop’s earliest rising stars, received a heart transplant on Sunday.

According to AllHipHop, word about the surgery spread through the legends of the culture and offered prayers and expressed their concerns about the Harlemite. The procedure ended up being successful.

This isnt the first time that the King of Rap legend had issues with his heart. Last year, he went under the knife at UCLA Medical Center after he had developed hematoma during his trip to China in May. In 2016 LAPD saved Blow after he suffered a heart attack at a bus stop by performing CPR and calling the paramedics.

Hematoma is mass of clotted blood that forms in blood tissue or an organ as a result of a broken blood vessel.

On a side note, now that we’re in Christmas season, here’s the icon’s first single on a major label. This was a part of a 2-single deal in order for him to get an album deal. The second single ended up being “The Breaks” which ended up being certified gold, selling over 500,000 copies.

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