Sam Hunter is a Sydney based artist out in Australia and he has just shared this very soulful bop with us. This song right here is called ‘French Rosé’ and is culled from a body of work that has just been put out. In the words of Sam Hunter himself; “…Track 3 on the latest project ‘Europe, Pt.1’. French Rosé is my most polished song to date. The production will have your head nodding and your body moving from the drop on the first chorus (0:21)… this song is an ode to life and it’s celebration of friendship and matrimony! Come on the journey and listen to the project in it’s entirety to grasp the concept of my latest ‘Travel Diary’.”

The truth is, this song is quite sultry and it is a sonic representation of the journey Sam has been on. So, go stream this song on Spotify, Apple and Deezer to go on this voyage with Mr. Hunter. You can also follow Sam Hunter on Instagram to get a glimpse of his travels.

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