Akala is quite unique. Very few MCs in Hip Hop have the intelligence, the talent, the eloquence of this extent to help disband the ignorance surrounding Hip Hop and Hip Hop culture, so here’s Akala, totally legitimately, comparing Wu Tang with Shakespeare.

Akala’s just a fiend for knowledge. Born and raised in London, the MC is respected in both Grime and Hip Hop circles for his lyrics, flow and originality. But what’s most striking about him, I think anyway, is the emphasise of knowledge in his lyrics. Dude’s a deep thinker, wise and knowledgable, and that for me puts him above the crowd.

This is a 20 minute Ted Talk (in case you haven’t heard of it they’re like online lectures, real cool, if you want to learn about something just go look it up in a Ted Talk) Akala delivered I think a few months ago. He starts off asking audience members to differentiate between Shakespearian and Hip Hop lyrics – they can’t – before putting Shakespeare sonnets to beats. And he goes on from there. It’s just a real, real good watch; I urge you all to watch it.

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