Uprising rapper/songwriter Hate My Drip shares with us his new project entitled Souls, a 17-track body of work that talks about addiction, mental health and life in general. The production is steeped in the emo-trap subgenre and uses copious amounts of dark, moody beats throughout.
The project opens up with the solemn-sounding  “Last Shot” featuring Painful Pretty and 42 Cloudz. The scenic backdrop adds a distinct touch to the reflective and rueful lyrics that center on using alcohol to cope with depression and inner demons. It highlights quite a number of issues that Hate My Drip is dealing with internally and offers listeners an unadulterated glimpse into his life. Lines like “Fuck the rules that you been living with/Scared to go to hell/I’m already fucking living it/They don’t call me pretty even girls be acting innocent/Yo magic mirror, who’s the highest, cos Hate My Drip” sees him wallowing in his pain and in a way exorcising the demons in his own way. “Whip” starts off with a melancholic piano riff and a prominent synth chord that runs through the track from start to finish. Here, the rapper puts his head down and focuses on his grind even though he is faced with detractors while “Downfall” dives into a mix of topics ranging from drug use, hedonism and how everything often leads to a spiral down the never-ending rabbit hole. He brings 42 Cloudz, iRex and Empt to join him and the theme is asserted on the chorus as follows; “I’ve been on a downfall, skipping out on roll call/Sneaking out in nightfall/Tripping till the trees talk/You ever seen a plug walk/couple random things talk, shortie got that dead walk, shot her up like John Wall”. On tracks like “Feels” and “Reminisce”, Hate My Drip delivers a mix of bravado, and reflection with a touch of introspection as he takes listeners through his personal drama and then some. He brings along 42 Cloudz and Empt for the former while  Lil Snipes appears on the latter.

The project continues with a dark theme as shown in the hard-hitting “High” featuring Painful Pretty and Empt where the emcees paint a night of debauchery as they get high on herbs and double cups filled with mixed drinks to drown away their sorrows. “Outer Space” has a solemn piano-driven backdrop and it sure sets the tone for Hate My Drip’s gloomy lyrics that talk about him being fed up with this world and wanting to fly away to space-figuratively speaking while on “Risen”  he takes listeners deep into his trap house alongside iRex and both rappers share their respective take on personal struggles. Hate My Drip leads the charge with his laidback drawl and somewhat self-denigrating lyrics where he contemplates self-deletion, regret for past actions and a plea to the heavens to give him a sign, albeit a positive one. A similar theme is explored in “Sky” where he teams up with Empt for a reflective tune about failure and being accountable for one’s life decisions. Another track “Top Spot” featuring 42 Cloudz sees Hate My Drip once again in his element as he bade goodbye to the detractors and naysayers who doubted him even when he gave it his all as asserted on the bridge “Nothing left to give and they still want more/Nothing left to prove yeah I’m walking out the door”.


The project sure sticks to its strengths by keeping the soundscape in similar territory as heard on tracks like “Look, At Me” featuring longtime collaborators 42 Cloudz and iRex and “Rebel”  featuring deadzy. The soundscapes have that quintessential dark, gloomy trap sound with heavy 808 basslines and cinematic synths to match the unfiltered raps that detail their street lifestyle and the ups and downs that come with it. “Psycho”  has a horrorcore, punk feel and the lyrics also raise the ante with references to horror movie villains and a distrust for the ruling class. Rappers 42 Cloudz, Yeir, AJ, and iRex pour out their true feelings and disdain for the system on wax and hold nothing back with lyrics like “I hate the system, fuck you man/Sound like an industry plant/Wake up from that autotune, lose all the strength that you ever had” and an energetic mantra-like chorus. The following track “Reaper” is a melancholic tune that talks about being a lost soul who has given up on life and the proverbial reaper has taken his soul. The lyrics are so candid and unapologetic that it will be hard to ignore.

The last three tracks “Souls”, “Deals” and “Misfit” go on a range of topics and themes that continue in the same vein as the previous ones. “Souls” is a heartfelt and sorrowful tune that follows the rapper on a quest for respite as he raps  Lonely, Lonely, Lonely I walk this road alone/Kobe, Kobe, Kobe I’ve been shooting from the zone/Help me, Help me, Help me I can’t do this on my own” while “Deals” dwell on drowning on a cocktail of weed, alcohol and a metaphorical deal with the proverbial devil. He is joined by  42 Cloudz who adds his distinct high-pitched vocals to the track. The final track “Misfit”  features iRex and deadzy over a pop-guitar-driven backdrop. The rappers make use of an airy melodic style while their lyrics dive into self-loathing themes and the never-ending battle with their inner demons.

Overall, Souls doesn’t try to go to unfamiliar places and it’s quite consistent with its sound and themes so lovers of emo-trap with a touch of experimental aesthetics would gravitate towards this.

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