Mad Face guru Fredro Starr shows off his production mastery in Harrd Luck’s new single/video “Every Day.” The track which features Gotham City’s Ricky Bats is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Beats by Dro’ (produced entirely by Fredro).

Harrd Luck and Ricky Bats provide viewers with a visual and lyrical testament of their everyday moves. Press play for a glimpse of how they maneuver in a city with no safe paths and trenches filled with tension. Fredro provides a polished blend of soulful and gritty NY melodies underscored by piano keys which intensify the lyrical aggression as well as the potent hook. Hip Hop heads are sure to head-nod while echoing the hook, anthem-style. Watch “Every Day” and stay tuned for the album release of ‘Beats by Dro.’

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