For all Hip-Hop Newbies out there, the name H.A.P.H might not immediately ring a bell… but what about “The Ranjahz”?.  Yeah, you might have heard the duo on that Jay Z track from Volume 2 (for the young uns out there, google the rest) or from Kid Capri’s Soundtrack To the Streets.  Anyway, H.A.P.H is one half of the duo and has been busy as a solo artist for a minute now, prepping the release of his debut Martin Luther Manson. He literally kicks open the hinges on this hard hitting joint titled ‘Modus Operandi’.

“Sharper than porcupine, deadly like pork and beans Project 

   H.A.P.H taking too long with -his-project

   Unorthodox flows, who knows what’s coming next

   I’m just rebellious, I let it breathe, flow a couple reps like

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