The Word is Bond has asked independent musicians from all walks of life to share their experiences coping with COVID-19 during this very tumultuous time. Our fifth voice is Toronto alt-soul singer Delyn Grey. She describes her style as “vibey, alt/rock Toronto artist, looking to revamp the mainstream music trends and break some barriers.” Delyn shows us why it’s important for indie musicians to never lose their spark or hunger and discusses how old tricks become new again for artists who’ve been granted the gift of time.

Guest Editorial by Delyn Grey

I thought I had this music thing figured out, pre-quarantine: Write some songs, promote on social media, release music, and PLAY GIGS. Then everything got flipped upside down and it may have been the best thing that’s happened to my relationship with music; I’m fortunate for that. I hadn’t written a song in six months until March of this year to be exact. SIX MONTHS!

A week into quarantine I wrote my song “Ghost Town.” Yes, the Stones released a track with a similar name. Yes, I’d like to think they heard the song. No, they did not hear it, nor would they be impressed by the name. I sat at my piano and five minutes and several emotions later, the song was written. That process revived my excitement for my musical process and for things that had become tiresome (i.e. chasing streams and social media engagement).

I started live streaming on Instagram (it took me a while to get on it), joined a few virtual concert bills, found community-based initiatives to post about, connected with followers, wrote some more songs, played concerts for neighbors out of my garage, brainstormed a bunch of upcoming content, connected with my bandmates, and got back in the studio. I’ve started to enjoy every piece of this whacky process again because I can permit myself to. I want to get excited about the new world of music that’s being formed and find ways that I can contribute to shaping it. There isn’t enough time—in the time that I have—to dwell on what’s out of my control.

Today may feel helpless, and tomorrow may feel the same. Even with a few stones in your shoes, you can stay on track. You may not move as quickly or as swiftly as you want, but you’ll get to where you need to be. It’s still a beautiful time to be an artist, leave your ego at the door, remember your “why,” voice a purpose, and just keep going. Music is more than a universal unifier; we all need it right now. With great change comes great art. GET CREATING…I know I will be.

Enjoy a live performance of “Ghost Town” here:

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