The homie Green Hypnotic is bizzzack for the un-quarte. Y’all remember he dropped the superb, spaced out Nostalgic EP with producer Da-P last year; well, Green just dropped the joint ‘Super Ego‘, which is off his upcoming LP Coastar. The new joint showcases a whole new perspective of Green Hypnotic, shedding his all for the listener to feel and vibe to at the same time. As usual Da-P’s enthralling soundscapes provide that perfect canvass for Green Hypnotic to lay his thoughts for all to see. The Alaiz member is going from zero to sixty, best we try to keep up lest we lose track of him!! Witness a fight between the prince and himself in his new single “Super-Ego”. The rapper gets more intimate and talk about his fears and aspirations in the track in a smooth yet bass filled atmosphere.

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