A fresh new cut from Congolese-Finnish emcee Gracias called ‘Slow It Down’ graces our pages and I need say just one thing: this is dope on all levels. Production wise it is enthralling, with a cinematic, multi-layered backdrop enough to keep your attention while his confident, introspective lyrics seals the deal. The video itself is pretty artistic; abstract and far from the norm.

This is out of the blue for me and I end by saying this; get with this ASAP!

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Following the release of previous single ‘Levels (Stream Fast, Die Young)’, the young export returns with this sultry slow jam, an accessible track with a future R&B sensibility that swells with intricate percussive layers, vocal distortions and spatial electronic soundscapes for a masterful urban offering.

Having moved to Finland at the tender age of four to escape the building war in his home country, Gracias’ story is a fascinating one. His 90’s influenced debut EP, ‘HKI,’ received widespread adulation and praise – resulting in Gracias being chosen as the most promising act for 2012 by a panel of Finnish music journalists.

His track ‘Mon£y’ earned him “Song Of The Year” at the annual Funky Awards, whilst debut LP, ‘Globe’, featuring guest performances from Wildcookie singer Anthony Mills, beatboxer Felix Zenger, and Swedish rapper Eboi, earned unanimously rave reviews.

Taken from his forthcoming album ‘Elengi’, his first full solo effort set for release this summer, ‘Slow It Down’ poses a juxtaposition to his life of constant transit, one that has taken him from the tribal environment of his youth to the ice-cold Scandinavian north. Symbolised throughout the album through the pounding pulse of African drums, ‘Elengi’ is an album filled with personal lyrics, painting a poignant portrait of an artist in search of his roots, adapting to a Finnish mentality while simultaneously reminiscing about his heritage.

Having hooked up with renowned Finnish producers including deep electronic house producer Femme En Fourrure, Rwina Records producer Desto and World Mood Program’s YSI & Bendagram, the forthcoming album promises to showcase a musical shift away from sample-based tracks and into deeper waters, approaching rap with a refreshing contemporary take that reflects Gracias’ influences across the genres of UK bass music, electronic production, techno and alternative R&B.

With his unorthodox background and progressive musical approach, Gracias is set to take the electronic scene by storm.

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