HARK! The ghastly rap duo known as The Doppelgangaz play their first UK show this month.  The long, cold dark nights of the aptly foggy London town will be host to the underground gawds famed for bringing some of the grisliest lyricism  and beatsmithing to the genre in recent years. This is a must-see show for seasoned Euro-Sharkers and the (as yet) unaffiliated alike. 210 Presents and Word Is Bond are giving away a pair of tickets for FREE; enter below via your social network of choice.

About The Doppelgangaz:

The Doppelgangaz is an American Hip Hop group from Orange County,New York (NYC) consisting of Matter Ov Fact (MC,Producer) and EP (MC,Producer).They have released four full-length albums (two of which are primarily instrumental) and one EP.The group was included on Raw Roots”Top Underground Artists Of 2011″ list They were featured in Europe’s biggest Hip-Hop magazine JUICE in support of their 2011 album ”LONE SHARKS”..The group’s 2011 release Lone Sharks has received widespread critical acclaim for its production being reminiscent of the “raw”, gritty style that was the iconic sound of east coast New York Hip-Hop in the mid 1990s. Their rapping and lyrics have also been complimented for their unique subject matter, tone and imagery..In 2012, the group was covered in the major American Hip-Hop magazine XXL in its “The Break” section, which highlights up and coming Hip-Hop acts.. Underground Hip-Hop authority Kevin Nottingham has reported on and interviewed the group multiple times on the award winning.

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