Rising genre-bending six-piece ensembleGiddyGang and Vuyo team up for this soulful collaboration titled “Told Me.” The track is a special blend of soul/R&B/hiphop with its dreamy and warm textures led by vocalist Sarah Nærø Pettersenfor whose sultry and sublime vocals grip the ears from start to finish. Vuyo also delivers the goods with his heartfelt verse ripe with evocative lyrics that center on true love and companionship.

The track is essentially a love story written by Pettersenfor for the band’s producer/drummer Sigmund Vestrheim (Sarah’s now fiancé).

The accompanying video taps into the dreamlike sounds of the song itself and makes use of a hazy/warm DIY-style visual that captures the artists in their day-to-day activities.

Speaking on the track, Sarah said, “Told Me’ was one of the first songs from the EP that I wrote. I had a hard time focusing and writing and started reflecting on my and Sigmund’s relationship, and how he just stays around always acting super calm and patient no matter what we (or I) go through. It’s a little love song dedicated to my best friend and the journey from first getting to know each other to where we are today.”

Speaking on his verse, Vuyo added, “I wanted to take an unconventional approach to a love song. I wrote it like I was a start-up and I wanted my crush to buy into my elevator pitch.”

“Told Me” is the second release from their upcoming EP.

Oslo-based GiddyGang are friends and collaborators with the band centered around engaged couple Sarah Nærø Pettersen (vocals) and Sigmund Vestrheim (drums) along with members, Bård Kristian Kylland (keys), Kevin Andersen (guitar), and Martin Stapnes (bass). As a young collective of beatmakers, songwriters and session musicians GiddyGang’s members have been building hype through their involvement with globally successful Norwegian acts like boy Pablo and Ivan Ave.

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