US-based up-and-coming R&B/afrobeat star Gbeke, started performing in the fourth grade and has been releasing singles and EPs since 2017. She later got the opportunity of a lifetime in 2021, performing at the Made in America music festival among other prestigious concerts. Her latest single “Top Priority”  was inspired by her own life experiences stemming from a cheating boyfriend who went back to his ex to do the deed. The single is bolstered by a mellow and hypnotic soundscape provided by Arieenati while Gbeke takes the reins with her silky melodic vocals. The singer details the situation clearly but it’s far from a tear-jerkey as she focuses more on what needs to happen than revelling in the terrible ordeal. As the title suggests, Gbeke implores listeners to know that self-love is key and that putting yourself first makes life worth it.

The visual is shot by RD3 Films who help capture the singer’s distinct style and makes use of different performance shots draped behind warm and stylish set pieces.

Stream “Top Priority” on Spotify: Apple Music: Other platforms here.

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